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Online Customizable Event Calendar

A fully customizable calendar to store all of your weekly and one-off events including start and end time, private or public, and more.

Table/Room Reservation Manager

Track and store all reservations including start and end time, table #, $ amount, and special requests on your personalized floorplan.

Customer Database Development and Administration

Build your customer database including history, tracking of reservations, and spend. Categorize your customers for future outreach.

Customer Request and Party Inquiry Management

Track all reservation requests including reminders for follow up, and notes on all correspondence. Even track your closure rate and ad ROI.

Staffing Management and Work Station Assignments

Store all staffing assignments including work stations, report time, and special notes. All staff receives their own login to view their work schedule in real time.

Sales Tracking and Staff Monitoring and Reporting

Calculate your ROI on advertising, as well as the sales brought in by promoters or your own staff with easy to run statistical reporting tools.

Full Web Site Integration with Photo Gallery Administrator

Integrate your photo gallery and event calendar with real time control of photos appearing on your web site, and events.

Automated Guest List and Reservation Printout Generation

All reservations are stored to be printed out the night of the event in an easy to follow format. Reservations are displayed both alphabetically and chronologically.

Many Promotional Tools

Marketing tools and automated features such as automated birthday emails, email newsletter template generator, Outrach tracking and more.

iPad/Tablet Host Manager

New View, manage, add and edit all of your reservations from the front door during business hours. Add new reservations, view table availability, and check in guests from your iPad or Android tablet. Keep track of guest counts and spends for parties and promoters.

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