Case Studies

Sky Room

Client: Sky Room Times Square

Objective: To create a customer and reservation management solution that is capable of handling a high volume, and versatile operation with needs for after work, nightlife, and private event management.

Implementation: MNM was integrated into the reservation and contact forms on the client web site, and all staff was trained on how to effectively manage customers and reservations through MNM. An iPad was put at the host stand at night, integrated with MNM, to manage reservations at the door.

Result: Sky Room has thrived through the proper execution of all the tools that MNM provides. All reservation requests are tracked, organized and accounted for. Management receives weekly reports of how many reservation requests come in, how many are closed, or not, and why. The customer database has grown to well over 15,000 members, with significant profile data kept for each member.

Sky Room is able to deploy a successful marketing strategy by reaching out to its deep database by utilizing the promotional tools that MNM provides. Customers receive an automated email two weeks in advance of their birthdays, resulting in new reservation requests popping up automatically. The successful marriage that MNM creates between the bookings of the day staff, and the execution of the night staff, with proper communication facilitated by MNM, have resulted in greater customer satisfaction and retention. Sky Room's strong database building has enabled it to succesfully book hundreds of corporate events, and sell out all major holiday events on the strength of its own database.


MNM makes our marketing a breeze. Everything is properly managed, and just happens behind the scenes. The marketing and management tools help us to stay on top of what's important, customer service. -Roy Perez, Marketing coordinator, Sky Room Times Square

Pulse Karaoke Lounge

Client: Pulse Karaoke Lounge & Suites

Objective: To increase sales and efficiency in a high end lounge without the need for added personnel or costs.

Implementation: We Integrated the My Nightclub Manager platform to their daily operations. including several features to the front end of their web site. An event calendar/guest list signup form was added to, and dynamically controlled by the MNM event calendar on the back end. A photo gallery was placed on the web site with an automated photographer upload manager, enabling easy posting of event photos to the site. All MNM backend tools and reservation administration tools were put in place.

Result: Pulse saw a dramatic increase in sales, staff efficiency and positive customer feedback. The MNM RSVP manager resulted in a marked increase in the closure rate of reservation requests, and vastly improved organization of daytime operations. Without an increase in personnel required, Pulse was able to handle a higher volume of reservations, and provide each customer with the utmost service and attention. Thanks to the transparency provided by the reservation system and table management, table and room availability became much clearer, enabling better pricing and staffing predictions. This enhanced visibility enabled them to raise prices and minimums on obviously busier nights, and offer more incentives on nights that needed a boost. The MNM promotional tools and database management provided the ability to reach out to the right customers at the right times, and increase sales across the board. Customer referrals at Pulse also increased dramatically as satisfaction rates rose thanks to streamlined communication between the office reservations staff and the night operations. All customer reservation and guest list sheets were automatically generated each night with complete customer and reservation detail documented. Even reservation requests months in advance were never lost or neglected thanks to the automated customer RSVP manager. As a result of the successful implementation of MNM Pulse was able to see sales more than double in a matter of months.


MyNightclubManager has made my job infinitely easier... MNM has helped me to work more efficiently and increase our sales, and that is what matters most. -Ariel Connaway, Manager, Pulse Karaoke Lounge & Suites

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