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My Nightclub Manager has been developed and cultivated over many years dealing with the high volume mainstream market in New York City. The tools and processes put in place with this software have enabled several promotion companies and nightclubs in New York to produce the highest volume of desired clientele with a minimal amount of staffing overhead. Millions of patrons have been sent to various clubs in New York with the highest level of attention and service, and the minimal number of staff to handle it all. The tools developed were made specifically to handle the nuances and requirements that only the nightlife industry requires.

In developing My Nightclub Manager we set out to incorporate all of the best practices we had developed over 8 years of high volume promotions and customer relationship management with the automation and back of house needs of a nightclub or lounge. The purpose of this combination is to enable a truly successful and well run nightlife establishment to maintain a tight operation from the first point of contact with the customer through to their experience in the venue and back again. Furthermore, a venue must be able to recognize and cater to their best customers with the best possible experience and communication all along the way. My Nightclub Manager maintains all communication and records in one place that is centrally accessible, and ensures that no customer is neglected or mistreated.

We free up owners and managers to focus on the important aspects of the business, and not worry about managing staffing, or making sure that their employees are on top of everything. My Nightclub Manager is your automated night and day manager in one.

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